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Why do I need stronger and stronger glasses each year?

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  • Because glasses are just like crutches for your eyes.You relay on them to see the world clearly. But corrective lenses make your eye muscles weaker and weaker because they do more and more of the work so that your eye muscles can’t be strengthened.With years gone,you need stronger and stronger glasses each year.
  • Jocelyn griffin

    Because your eyesight decrease quickly. I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. Some eye disease will affect our vision. The bad living habits will lead to bad eyesight too.
  • walkaboutpnw

    Maybe there is something wrong with your eyes. You'd better schedule an eye exam immediately. But if you are a computer worker or often use your eyes for a long time, you may have bad eyesight too. I suggest you to take a rest during your work and apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes from time to time. Meanwhile, you also need to keep a healthy diet.
  • Jacqueline hall

    Do you often overuse your eyes? Do you often suffer from tiredness and eye fatigue? Do you care about eye hygiene in your daily life? Do you often rub your eyes or catch eye infections? If you do all these things, your decrease of eyesight may result from your bad living habit. You must change these habits and find some good ways to protect your eyes.
  • Gabriella rupert

    I guess you may have poor eye health. Nutrients and vitamin deficiency may lead to vision problems. You can pay attention to your menu and add some foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins into it. I suggest you to eat more fish or green leafy vegetables. Fruits are rich in vitamins. You can eat them daily.

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