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Matthew baker

What are the benefits of rosewater for eyes?

What are the benefits of rosewater for eyes?
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  • Carlos rodney

    There are many benefits of rosewater. It can help relieve fatigue, stress and depression to make you relaxed. Besides, rosewater has healing properties. If you have sore throat, you can rinse it with rosewater which can help your throat get healed very soon. What's more, rosewater is also good for eyes. If your eyes feel rather tired, you can use rosewater as eye drops to treat your tired eyes. Those who often sit in front of the computer usually use rosewater as eye drops to help them relieve from eye fatigue.
  • Robert Potter

    Rose water is prepared from petals of rose flowers. In the 8th and 9th centuries, rose water is considered as a significant commercial item between Byzantine and Empire China. It is known as a cosmetic property, but it also has many benefits for our health such as eye health. Rose water can be used as eye drops to people with tired and fatigue eyes. Besides, if you work long time in front of computer, you can use rose water as eye drops to keep eye healthy.

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