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Sara scott


What are colored contact lenses make women's eyes sexier ?

I want to buy a pair of colored contact lenses. Can you give me an idea what colored contact lenses can make my eyes sexier?
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  • Melanie smith


    It is said that the eyes of cats are mysterious and sexy. Yeah, in order to make your eyes charming and attractive, you can choose dark blue or chocolate colored contact lenses which may show your big eyes and fantastic beauty. However, there must be other beautiful colors that you may choose. Just go to the eyeglasses store and ask the optician which color of contact lenses suit you most.
  • waldron143


    I was told that the eyes are windows of heart. Not only mouth, but also eyes can talk. Many fashion guys are on fire for colored contact lenses. With different dress and makeup, they choose different contacts. For Orientals, grey makes your eyes blankness, blue looks like a foreigner, black do looks bigger, but false, while purple makes you somewhat sexy and Lolita. White people is suitable for any color because of the color of skin.