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I got cooking oil in my eye,what should i do ?

It is really painful that i got a bit cooking oil in my eyes. What should i do?
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  • cun_yin

    So sorry to see that your some cooking oil has splashed into your eyes. Anyway, this is extremely emergent and critical because it could lead to a lot of problems if not taken seriously. For the time being, your priority is to wash your eyes with clean water, then try to apply some eye drops to deal with it, after that, you need to get some treatment from the hospital. Also, remember not to rub your eyes.
  • Zoe

    I am sorry to hear that. But do not be too worried, it is normal to feel sore when you got a bit cooking oil in your eyes. You can flush your eyes with plenty of clear and cool water to relieve the scorching hot for a long time, and then drop some eye drops in case of inflammation. You will feel better several days later. If you still feel painful, you should go to see an ophthalmological doctor to have your eyes examined.
  • b1eedingthrough

    You must be feeling painful when a bit cooking oil get in your eyes. You should blink the eyes for several seconds. Then you should wash the eyes clearly. Then you find the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to make the eyes feel better. After that, you could also use some eye drops to release the symptom.
  • comingoutloud

    Please do not worry. you need to wash your eye out with cool tap water or saline solution.Call your doctor or go to an emergency room. Continue to wash your eye with drops while calling for help or traveling to the doctor. Hope this helpful.

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