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What are migraine effects on eyes?

I suffer migraine. Sometimes i also feel blurred vision. So, I just wonder can migraine affect on eyes? Or what are migraine effects on eyes?
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  • walkingtragd

    Well, as far as I know, a lot of people around me in the city have got the same problem with you. They also suffer blurred vision and headaches from migraine. Anyway, from what I know, it is because the migraine has something to do with your visual nerves which leads to some problems with your eyes such as blurred vision or painful eyeballs. So, I recommend that you consult a doctor and see what could be done in response to the migraine.
  • Elijah

    The migraine may affect your eyes and your viison. As we know, it is the brain that controls the eye nerves and affects the eye vision. When you get the migraine, you will feel the discomfort in the eyes. You may feel dizzy at the sight. You should better go to the hospital to treat your migraine. Then you could have the clear eye sight.

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