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Allison leslie

I got acne wash in my eye,what to do?

It is bad that a bit of acne wash got into my eyes. So, What can i do now?
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  • fergus

    First of all, you should be careful with the acne wash because you know it is harm for your eyes. If you just make a little acne wash into your eyes, you can just use the cold water to wash your eyes and continually rinse your eyes for about 10 mins. Pls note during the time, you can make your eyes blink more so that the acne can get out by themselves. Usually, after an hour, if you still feel your eyes are uncomfortable, you should go to doctor and the doctor will help you to get the ancestry wash out of your eyes. Additional, if you make too much ancestry wash into your eyes, you have better not wash your eyes by yourself, meantime, you must be sent to hospital in case your eyes will get infected because of the acne wash. Really, you should be careful with the acne wash, because the acne wash really do much harm to our eyes.
  • Steve

    It seems that your problem is quite serious because as you can see acne wash is quite irritative to our eyes for it is made up of chemicals. Once your eyes got into some acne wash , you appear to get sore eyes, watery eyes and some uncomfortable feelings. So, you need to use plenty of clean water to flush your eyes, then apply some eye drops to your eyes, if the situation remains bad, a doctor then is needed.
  • clearbluesky987

    If a little acne wash got into your eyes, you can try to use some measures to cure it. With lots of water, you can flush your eyes with water. also, you can blink eyes frequently to rinse it out. In addition, your eyes may become red and you have no need to worry about it, because it will be fine after 2 hours. If a lot of acne wash went in, you may have to see a doctor.

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