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How long does pinguecula last ?

Is it very bad to surfer pinguecula? How long does pinguecula last?
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  • Jonathan tuener

    Well, Pinguecula occurs on the lining covering the white part of the eye. they're visible as somewhat elevated spots that may be white or yellow, which will appear near the eye corners. And when it occurs, you may not need to try any treatments to treat it, for they can just disappear by themselves one week. Of course, lubricating eye drops can be effective too.
  • walkinalone

    It is hard to say how long pinguecula lasts. It depends on how you treat it. If you make a prompt respond to it, it will cause less damage to the tissue and more rapid healing. Thus you should ensure the moisture of the eyes and enough nutrition. You can drip some artificial tears to keep eyes moisture and take some antioxidants such as vitamin C and carotenoids. In addition, do not use computer frequently and do less intensive near vision activities to avoid blinking less. And when you go outside, you had better wear a hat and sunglasses in case that your eyes are exposed to the sun.
  • Holly Bedrosian

    Pinguecula does not go away. It is a growth on the white of the eye that may get worse with time. The irritation felt due to the growth can be alleviated with eye drops. Surgery is typically indicated only if the growth progresses to a pterygium, which extends to the cornea.
  • Cathy

    Yes, it is really bad for you to suffer the pinguecula which will last in your eyes with no disappearing symptom unless you do the surgery. Or else, it could just release for a while if you use the eye drops with anti-inflammation. You should keep notice of using your eyes and not sit in front of computers for a long time.

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