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  • I suffered from strabismus. Can i diagnose my eyes at an optometrist? Any suggestion?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : garcia -2 answers -01/28/2013
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  • I will post first my imformation so it will be easier to all of you to answer it with basis.

    1. My Eyes' vision are 20/20. in short, they are both clear.
    2. I don't experience "Double-vision" as what i read in other posts.
    3. My doctor recommended an aye drop and a food supplement and i started it last month up to now but i'm not satisfied. what a want is a glasses that will align my right eye. I'm not sure if it started since i was born but what i'm sure is I started to notice it when i was in high school. i think it is because i was so much addicted to computer games. i'm not sure. IN SHORT, MY CONCERN IS IN MY RIGHT EYE.
    4. My eyes always get irritated and turn red afterward.
    5. I read some other posts and they suggest some exercise like putting an eyepatch but unfortunately this method is only for 10 and under. I'm 19 years old now.

    i'm confused, there are times that when i look to my right, my right eye looks bad and turns too much not like my left eye. and when i look to the left my left eye looks okay and my right eye is just like almost in center (supposedly it must go to the left as well right?). Sorry that i can't explain it well. please open the link this is my picture. (notice: i'm used front-camera here so it is reversed)

    please see this pic. this is me looking to the right. and notice that my right eye doesn't look fine.

    Open this pic. this is me looking up

    and this is me looking to the very right

    please tell me if glasses will fix this issue and what glasses should i tell my doctor. Optimism Glasses? correct me if i'm wrong.
    In Vision Problems -Asked by : Game Kiss -2 answers -02/03/2013
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  • my eyes are squit one and my eyesight is also week my glasses number is minus 6 .can my eyes can b corrected by surgery or some other means?
    In LASIK & Vision surgery -Asked by : sara khan -1 answers -02/06/2013
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  • I am gonna to take a strabismus surgery. Any idea? Can strabismus surgery really help to improve my vision?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Melanie smith -2 answers -02/12/2013
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  • Hi to all, i did some research about my condition and i found out that i'm having a "mild" strabismus. But i'm confused, my eyes are 20/20, i don't experience double vision, my eyes are working together. the problem is i notice that my right eye is a little bit not align and i learned that it is called "Exotropia" (outward). Therefore it is compensated strabismus- a not severe condition of strabismus unlike the uncompensated which is the severe type. I thought that glasses with prism will correct the alignment of my right but i read some posts that glasses with prisim only cures the double vision problem but does not align the eye. Strabismus surgery does it. but i don't want a surgery. i'm 19 y/o and i'm asking for your response to this post. What i prefer to do is to wear a glasses with prism but i doubt it because of what i read that it does not align the eye. anyway, i need some solution to correct my eye without a surgery and patching (because patching is commonly for 10 and below only.) thanks!

    And oh, my eyes get irritated most of the time and turns red once i rub it lightly even just one time. so i blink my eyes more constant that turns to look myself as having a mannerism of blinking my eyes constantly fast. sometimes just the one eye at a time, sometimes the other eye and sometimes both. I went to the doctor and he gave me an eye drop and food supplement. i think it is only for irritations not to my bigger problem strabismus.
    In Eye Doctor -Asked by : Game Kiss -1 answers -02/09/2013
  • What needs to be paid attention to after strabismus surgery in children?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : etherealfreak -2 answers -06/02/2013

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