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Can optic neuritis be cured?

Do you have any good idea to cure optic neuritis? Can i be cures? Please help.
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  • explosion_x3


    Well, generally speaking, optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve, which is the structure connecting the eye to the brain. And according to some experts, it can occur in children or adults and may involve either one or both optic nerves. In many cases, inflammation of the optic nerve causes loss of vision because of the swelling and destruction of the protective myelin sheath that covers and insulates the optic nerve. To treat it, you need to go and see the eye doctor who can just have a check for you. And then have the treatments with it, for example, you may have steroid medications.
  • Carlos quick


    From what I can see, you are suffering a great deal from your optic neuritis, which may results in great drop in your vision and make your visual capacity terrible. And generally speaking, it is not to be cured on a through basis. You could only try to relieve it and minimize its effects on your eyes. Just try to get positive medical treatment and take care of your life and healthy in every facet.