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Kaylee tuener

Can you get contact lenses that last forever ?

I have bought two pairs of contacts. I just opened one of them. I have some infections on my eyes. My doctor told me not to use the contacts. I have to wear glasses now. Will my contacts get expired though I haven’t opened them yet? Is there any kind of contacts that will last forever?
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  • Carlos rodney

    I think many contacts have it's our expiration date. You'd better follow these suggestions of the introduction. Under the condition that your contacts are not opened and in the prepackaged solution, they can be good after three months or more. If your infection is not very severe, you can use your contacts after your symptom has totally disappeared.
  • Ethan edward

    I think you'd better not to use the contacts if they are expired. Of course you can consult your doctor for better suggestions. I don't know whether there are any contacts will last forever. But I think it is impossible to find a pair like that. If you really want the contacts to last longer, you can buy contacts which will last for 1 year at a time.
  • Rebecca

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    No, they do not last forever. they will be good after 3 months or more as long as they are unopened and still in the pre packaged solution. doctors usually give me prescriptions for contacts 1 year at a time. so yeah they are bound to last for awhile, but as far as like 2 years or more

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