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Can wrap around sunglasses be made with prescription lenses?

As wrap around sunglasses have quite a big frame, can they also be made with prescription lenses?
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Answers (2)

  • evrydyisystrdy

    Maybe. It just depends on the type of your wrap around sunglasses. Some kinds of wrap around sunglasses cannot be made with prescription lenses because they will cause vision distortion. But some kinds of wrap around sunglasses can be made with prescription lenses. You'd better go to your optician and ask whether they can make wrap around sunglasses with prescription lenses. If they can, you can get your prescription wrap around sunglasses there. If they can't you should get other prescription sunglasses.
  • evilbethygirl

    Yes. I have saw some sites online signs that they made prescription wraparound sunglasses. But, this is not for sure, but depends on your prescription. If you have mild prescription, prescription wraparound sunglasses are available. But if you have high prescription (usually over -/+5.0 SPH), you are not recommended prescription wraparound sunglasses. If so, you may have to try clip on sunglasses or fitover sunglasses if you want to get clear vision as well as eye protection from UV rays.

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