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How long does it take to get used to rgp contact lenses?

I heard that rgp contact lenses are better than regular soft lenses, but it is hard to adapt it. So, how long it will take to get used to it?
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Answers (2)

  • Christina nelson

    Yes, it is need time to adapt rgp lenses. Different from regular soft lenses that will give instantly comfortable, RGP lenses require an adaption period and the adaption period is quite slow. I head that someone need about a month before they can really feel comfortable with them. Nevertheless, as long as you wear the first few days, it will better and better every time you wear them. Nevertheless, RGP lenses can provide better vision than soft lenses. Besides, they are durability, and deposit resistance. So, still some people prefer to choose it.
  • Jose joyce

    It usually takes about one month to adapt the RGP contact lenses. The RGP contact lens is the rigid gas permeable contact lens, which is made of durable plastic. Other names of RGP contact lens are GP lens, oxygen permeable lens. It brings a sharper vision because the lenses are shape-retained when blinking. And it doesn't contain water as soft contact lenses. Moreover, the RGP contact lens can last for years. However, the adaption period is quite slow, you need to take about one month at least to adapt them before you are comfortable with them in your eyes. And you had better wear two hours for the first few days to avoid any hurt.

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