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Is it Ok to wear contact lenses in the shower?

I plan to wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. I was required to remove my contact lenses every day. Now, i just wonder if I can wear contact lenses in the shower.
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  • Marissa george

    Of course not. Wearing glasses for a long time will change the shape of your eyes, I am glad you get rid of it and change it to contact lenses. But if you are going to wear contact lenses, keep the contact lenses clean is the most important thing for your eye health. And if you are wearing contact lenses when you take a shower, sometimes the soap or the other chemical substance will spoil your contact lenses without any warnings. So if you are gonna makeup, it's better for u to wear contact lenses at first. What's more, don't forget to wash your hands when you wear it and remove it. Hope this can help you.
  • eisenstiefel

    It is ok to wear contact lenses in the shower, but in my opinion, you'd better not. Because contact lenses is easy to melt in the case of the high temperatures. Under this situation, it is harmful to our eyes. Moreover, when you are in shower, the bath water will go into your eyes with the bacteria. So, you'd better take off your contact lenses when you are in the shower.
  • Adam peters

    You'd better take off your contact lenses in the shower. As we know, the ingredients of the shampoo or shower gel may have irritant effect on the eyes, especially for the eyes wearing the contact lenses. What's more, the temperature in the shower is high which may damage the contact lenses in the eyes. In a word, you should not wear it in the shower.
  • jill

    Although it's probably fine to shower with them in, I wouldn't recommend it. As we all known, contact lenses are more convenient for people's daily life but are required high standard. You could irritate your eyes with the water or shampoo getting in your eyes, to mix with your contact lenses. It could make not only blurry vision but also injury yourself in this case.
  • Vivid

    Of course not. You should not wear contacts when you take shower as the solutions such as the body wash, mildly wash or water will get into your eyes. This will corrode the contacts and do badly to your eye cornea. Besides, when you take shower, the temperature is high, and it will transfer the contacts. Or, even worse, they may thaw in your eyes. So, please take your contacts out when you take shower and make sure that do not wear them more than 10 hours a day.

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