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What to do if windex gets in my eyes?

I feel bad because a bit windex gets into my eyes. What should i do now?
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  • Samuel rodney


    Well, so sorry to hear that kind of tragic news. Anyway, you need to know windex is used to clean the air in the room ,which is made up of some chemicals. Such chemicals could cause a lot of problems to your eyes. Thus, you need to thoroughly wash your eyes, and if necessary , try to get some antibiotic eye drops to deal with your problems.
  • crush_star


    If your eyes have not become red, you should wash eyes with lots of water. Then, you should use some antibiotics eye drops to prevent infection. However, if your eyes have been infected, it may be chemical reaction, thus you must see a doctor at a normal ophthalmic, and take rational drugs. Otherwise, you may suffer from some other eye problems.
  • Caroline


    Just clam down and do not rub your eye to avoid it become worse, rinse your eye with much clean water, blinking may help a lot for get the foreign object out. Do not let others touch your eyes if you are already suffering from pain. Have a little rest after rinse your eye with much water, and you will be recover soon. If you still feel pain, see a doctor.
  • John martinez


    You have maybe 5 secounds to wash it out or good by eye?