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Why do people wear glasses frames without lenses in them?

Can that be called "fashion"?
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  • Paige evelyn

    It is becoming a trend of fashion for wearing glasses frames without lenses in. They are followed not only by students, successful man but also the celebrities. As the pour of this trend, glasses are no longer only the vision correction tool but also a fashion accessory.
  • Alexia

    People who have no vision problem prefer wearing glasses for decoration.So they choose the stylish glasses frames without lenses in them.Some stylish frames will make them look more attractive.So it is a fashion trend.
  • Caleb

    Yes,it can be called fashion.Most people who don't need vision correction wear that for style.Frames in regular eyeglasses are usually in monotonous design and a non-prescription lens is just as expensive as a prescription lens,so the frames without lenses are best choice.
  • crazycowgirl89

    The frames without lenses can be made in different styles and much cheaper than frames with non-prescription lenses,so they are popular among people who need it for style.

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