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Matthew baker


How can I improve myopia without the help of eyeglasses ?

I am tired of wearing glasses,and don't want to get eye surgery.
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  • evrydyisystrdy


    You can have some diet that can help you improve myopia. Try green, leafy vegetables which are high in carotenoids, in particular lutein and zeaxanthin. So they can help prevent eye deterioration and the development of cataracts. Eat cold-water fish, such as salmon and tuna which contain omega-3 oils because they can help make your eyesight clearer and improve your eyesight.
  • Robert murphy


    Go to your opticians, he will exam your eyes conditions carefully and tell you if you are available for lasik surgery, your cornea, your prescription should all be taken into consideration. But you must know, no one can guarantee you the outcome of the surgery, and there can some complications of lasik surgery.
  • Alexandria giles


    Unfortunately there is no way to improve the vision without eyeglasses.
  • green


    Someone suggested me to eat as more carrots as I can,it is said that the carotene in carrots are good for your eyes.