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How to fix uneven eyes without surgery?

I know that surgery may help my uneven eyes. But it is risks. IS there any other way to fix my uneven eyes without surgery? And how?
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  • Jen

    Except the surgery, there may be no other good way for you to cure the uneven eyes. However, it is normal for the both eyes not have the same size. The not symmetric eyes are born to be. Only when your two eyes have obvious difference, you should find the way to treat them to improve the sense of beauty.
  • Zoe

    As some people said, the right and left sides of our body are different, including eyes. Some features might subtle, while others are striking. Orbital dystopia can also cause eye asymmetry. Some doctor can perform an ultrashort incision cheeklift, not surgery but a physical therapy, to correct the situation. If the uneven situation is not quite obviously, do not worry. Ok, everybody's right and left side of face are not the same. Lift your lower eye 100times every morning and night. Make point massage around eyes.If your eyes are uneven seriously, you should consult your doctor ASAP.

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