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Can you wear eyelash extensions with contact lenses?

Is it OK if i wear contact lenses, and also, apply eyelash extensions? Is it bad for my eyes?
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  • Andrea


    Yeah, of course you can. I often do it because I am a girl who is nearsighted also wearing eyelashes. Of course, if you want to use the eyelashes with contacts lenses, you should be much more careful than usual. For example, you should know that you should finish the contacts lenses before making eyelashes extension. If not, you are easily to make the lenses dirty while putting on the contacts lenses. Besides, if you follow my advice, you can also make the eyelashes extension better with the vision help from the contacts. Of course, when you finish a day, you should put off both of them, additionally, you should make sure that what should you do first, contacts first or eyelashes first, as for me, I often choose the contacts first. Here and now I want to tell you that you must clear up the left behind from the eyelashes extension, or your eyes will get infected. Above suggestion really works, and pls no worries.
  • walki


    It is OK for you wear the contact lenses and apply the eyelash extensions. However, the possibility of getting infection is large which will be bad for the eyes. As we know, the eyelash extensions will stimulate the eye surrounding parts which will make the eyes feel uncomfortable. You should not do this at the same time because the contact lenses may cause the dry eyes.
  • Shureluck


    It is ok to wear contact lenses with applying eyelash extensions. When putting in and taking out your contact lenses, you need to be careful not to pull at the eyelash extensions. You can wear them during applying eyelash extensions according to your will. If you get the correct ways, they can protect your eyes.