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Can teething cause goopy eyes?

I just heard that teething can lead to goopy eyes. It sounds really crazy. How does it happen? Any idea?
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  • tuener

    Well, it is true that teething is really annoying , and it is one of the most complicated problems with our health. Generally speaking, the causes of teething is various , so the symptoms are also different. It is possible that teething is caused by parasite inside your body or nervousness, etc. You have to figure out what led to that and take some medical treatment afterwards.
  • Ethan edward

    Well, yes, teething can cause goopy eyes in some cases. First, you should know that there will be some disorders in your eyes because of teething, and then it can cause eye infection in your eyes. of course, through that way, goopy eyes can be possible, for goopy eyes can be caused by eye infection. Generally speaking, there are many factors which can lead to goopy eyes. At the same time, eye infection can be fatal one. When it occurs, wet compresses can be applied. For example, you can just take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in tepid water. Anyway, just be careful about it.

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