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what kind of vision insurance does costco take?

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  • califractal

    Personally I know that Costco take superior vision insurance. Benefit coverage and allowances are the same at Costco as with other Superior Vision eye care providers.Superior Vision members are required to have a Costco membership to access materials through the optical department. Moreover, Costco also takes VSP, AlwaysCare Benefits and UnitedHealthcare Vision as well.
  • Gabriel peters

    As I know that Blue Shield Vision plans are accepted at Costco (warehouse, membership required). Moreover, Costco also accept Davis Vision. Please note: Costco locations do not carry the Davis Vision Collection, but this national retailers include significant discounts in their everyday pricing. Therefore, additional discounts-such as the 15% discount off of the balance over the $130 allowance do not apply at these locations. Additionally, Costco Optical is an in-network provider for routine eye examinations only; all other services are an out-of-network benefit. Costco Optical also accept UnitedHealthcare Vision.Members will be able to find participating Costco providers by visiting,and searching for participating locations in their area. Please keep in mind that UnitedHealthcare Vision members must have a valid Costco membership in order to purchase materials at Costco Optical. A Costco membership is not required to receive an exam.

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