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Is it okay to wear reading glasses all day?

My vision is blurred, and I am in need of glasses. My family is low on money at the moment and all we can afford is cheap reading glasses from the drugstore. Is it safe/okay to wear them all day as you would prescription glasses? Thank you!
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  • Zachary eddy


    If you need to wear them for near-distance work all day, then it's ok. However, if you need to see far most of the time wearing Reading glasses will make your vision blurry cuz the reading prescription is just designed for reading or computer use. Given your situation, i suggest you get your Reading glasses online cuz for glasses with same quality, accuracy and fitness, the price online is 50%~90% lower than that in the drug store or in the brick-and-mortar stores. Maybe you can check out where the reading glasses are priced as low as $8. Hope these will be helpful for you.
  • 04/14/2012

    Reading glasses are also made with non-prescription lenses.Even though you have perfect vision,you can wear reading glasses just for fashion.The people wearing reading glasses may be because they want to see more clearly while reading,or may be because they just like them.
  • Dip


    I think you'd better have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor immediately. Blurred vision can be caused by many reasons. Reading glasses are designed for those people who have presmyopia. And usually the senior citizens who are beyond 40s may need a pair of reading glasses. If you have presmyopia, you can't see the things at nearby clearly while you can see the things in the distance clearly. And reading glasses is different from other glasses. People often use them when they need to manage close work. So they won't wear them for all day like other prescription glasses.
  • 04/13/2012

    You can ask your optometrist or eye doctor and they will give you some advice. Usually most reading glasses prescriptions are used just for reading and you don't have to wear the glasses all the time. I have reading glasses myself but I wear them only for playing computer or reading.
  • Hae


    I think you can wear reading glasses for all day as long as you need them to help with your normal reading. But I think you may suffer from headache for long tome of using it. You'd better take off your glasses and look at the distance for several minutes every half an hour and remember that never use them for a driving.
  • Sybil


    I suggest you not to wear reading glasses for all day. No one can avoid seeing the things in the distance. Sometimes we have to take part in sports games and sometimes we may need to drive a car. Sometimes we are walking on the road. Wearing a pair of reading glasses can't help with our vision problems at this time. On the contrary, it can cause inconveniences when we are doing these activities. So, you'd better take off your reading glasses when you don't need them to manage close work.
  • Erika


    Sweetie, reading glasses is totally different from other kinds of glasses. You can't wear them for all day. I have a pair of reading glasses. I only wear them for reading or computer works. If I use them to look at the distance, everything in the distance is blurred. I know it is boring to put them on and take them off from time to time, but we must follow rules when using reading glasses.
  • Charles Joseph


    I think it will be OK if you feel comfortable using your reading glasses. If you use reading glasses to observe the things in the distance, you will definitely suffer from blurred vision. And this will make your eyes feel uncomfortable. And if you wear reading glasses for all day, you may find that you need to wear them to see clearly at all distances in the end. This is because as you age, your vision weakens and it needs to be corrected at all distances.
  • walkingthesky


    Well, I just bought a pair of reading glasses online last week. I like them very much. I suggest you to have an eye exam at walmart vision center. Sometimes you can come across a free eye exam. This can save your money. And then you just need to place an order online. The glasses that sold online are much cheaper than that sold in a physical store. If you don't believe that, you can have a look first.