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can i use rubbing alcohol to clean my glasses?

can i use rubbing alcohol to clean my glasses? Will it damage the lenses?

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  • coloursoflife

    Of course you can. But you also need some other household items. It will be a good way to clean glasses at home by yourself. Just follow the steps: Firstly, pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle with the amount of three fourths full of the bottle, and then add 2 drops of liquid dish soap; Secondly, shake the bottle gently to make them mix together. Thirdly, spray the mixed reagent on the glasses lenses and rub the lenses slightly with a soft cloth or special cleaning cloth; Finally, Wipe the lenses repeatedly until they are clean enough.
  • June Feneran

    I used rubbing alcohol on my glasses and it instantly broke both glass lenses. Although it cleans the lenses very well, I would not reccommend using rubbing alcohol on any eyeglasses for cleaning.
  • walkingwolf2004

    If the material is glass, it's OK to use alcohol. But nowadays most glasses are made with resin and coated with membrane, which should be kept away from organic solvents, such as alcohol. For this kind of glasses, water is just OK for cleaning. It can not only remove dirt from the lenses, but can also extend their service life.
  • eatmyhartout

    If your lenses have a coating, like a UV coating, glare resistant coating, or scratch resistant coating, you should be careful with rubbing alcohol. Personally, I would not use rubbing alcohol to clean lenses. It is quite a harsh solvent that will break down even the tough polycarbonate lenses. But if you get some oil stain on your lenses, it is an effective way to clean them with rubbing alcohol. Just not use it everyday.
  • cherry_bloss0m

    You'd better not. As we know the surface of the glasses have a coating, like Anti-Scratch coating, Anti-radiation coating, UV Coating. Rubbing alcohol is a organic solvent that can break down the substance of the lenses. For me, I wouldn't use rubbing alcohol. If you want to clean the surface, some cleaning mixture and some water can help you.
  • Rebecca

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    you can use alcohol to clean your lenses on an occasional basis, but you shouldn't use alcohol on a daily basis.
  • Logan

    Yes, you can. It will not harm the lenses as long as the rubbing alcohol solution is 70% or less anything higher runs the risk of rubbing coating off the lenses. Moreover, if your eyeglasses are added with coatings, you need to pay more consideration. Most high-quality antireflective coatings will not be damaged by rubbing alcohol, but some of the cheaper coatings (usually from chain retailers - JC Penney Optical etc) it is not a good idea. If the optician who sold you the lenses says diluted alcohol is safe, then go for it, since they know the quality of their lenses and coatings. Otherwise, to be cautious, you can pick up some of that commercially sold lens cleaner that specifies Alcohol Free or AR Safe. It's usually pretty cheap.

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