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Jackson raphael

Is it okay to clean eyeglasses with windex?

I saw online that some people suggest tap water for cleaning eyeglasses, but still some people recommend soap water to clean eyeglasses. But i just wonder is it ok to clean my eyeglasses with Windex?
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  • enigma_g

    If the windex is neutral, it is OK to clean eyeglasses with it. If not, the corrode in it may damage the surrounding area of the flames or the lenses indirectly. If you are sensitive, you may feel the discomfort when wearing it again after cleaning with the corrosive windex. Thus, you'd better use the water or the professional washing-up liquid in the glasses store.

    Yes, i think it is OK to clean eyeglasses with Windex, and also you can use the tap water or soup water to clean the eyeglasses. If you stick to using the Windex, just pay attention to clean well with water after you use the Windex. I believe that will make the lens clearer. And do not score the lens is what you need to do. I would like to suggest you to clean the dust on the eyeglasses with the hair dryer.
  • clur_08

    No, you should not clean the eyeglasses with Windex. Because Windex contains ammonia, which is very slightly acidic and can dissolve alkali metals, which is what your eyeglass lens coatings are made out of. Although this is very mild, over time it might have an affect. In other words, it will hurt your lenses because it has ingredients that strip important coatings off your lenses. The best method of cleaning eyeglasses is to use an eyeglass lens cleaner, which contains distilled water and Isopropanol Alcohol and a lint free chamois cloth. And you can get it from the store or your eye doctor.
  • Piter

    You%u2019d better use eyeglasses cleaner instead. You can get it at your eye doctor's office.

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