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What color eyes do guys like most?

I plan to buy a pair of colored eyes for looks. Can you tell me what color eyes do guys like most? What are your suggestions?
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  • Adam

    Well, looks like you are a girl who would like to attract men as most girls do, anyway, I can see that you want to improve your looks through wearing colored contact lenses. As far as I know, for men, such as a lot of guys around me, they choose brown eyed girls because they are more attractive than blue eyed blondes. Anyway, the rarer, the sexier. So, you may get a pair of brown contact lenses.
  • Riley gary

    LOL. I think you should know your answer because you will buy your loved color. Yes, there are many kinds of color for your choice. As a glasses wearer for many years, I will tell you some of my ideas. First of all, if you want to buy the ones for daily life, I advice you buy the blue and black ones (note, the black here I mean is that no color just the original color of our eyes.), because both of the two colors are ordinary and not strange. Of course, if you do not want your eyes get ill, you had better get the black ones. Secondly, if you want to buy a pair to your loved party, such as the All Saints' Day, I think you can buy some colors that are very exaggerated, such as the red ones, and then you will be attentive during the party so that you can enjoy your time. Hope my personal ideas can help you to know what color you will buy.

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