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Sara scott

How to treat sensitivity to light after corneal transplant?

My eyes are sensitive to light since i took corneal transplant. Do you have some ideas to treat it? Please help.

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  • Jacob adams

    After the corneal transplant, there are a lot of side effects on the eyes, including the sensitive character to the light. You could use some eye drops to release the symptom. You could eat more food with vitamin A to improve the ability to react to the lights. You'd better accept the medical care to treat it.
  • Austin

    Well, generally speaking, at this period, vision may be slightly altered, and then, there may even be double vision and sensitivity to light. In common, it is eye discomfort in bright light. And if you get it, it can be dangerous and annoying, especially when you go out side. To treat the, you can take some home remedies for the photophobia caused by corneal abrasion. For example, you can just eat certain foods such as Chinese wolfberries. Also, carotene from carrots and vitamin A can be useful too. So you can just have a try. By the way, after the corneal transplant, blurred vision can be possible.

    It is a common side effect of corneal transplant. So far there is no any measures to treat it. Cornea is a transparent membrane full of nerve ends, this is why cornea is very sensitive. If the cornea is diseased or damaged which would cause vision impairment, thus corneal transplant in entirty or in part is required to restore vision. After this surgery, cornea would be very sensitive, so it is very common to be sensitive to light. You need to protect your eyes during this period to avoid any rejection or corneal scarring. Whenever you need to go outside, you should wear dark sunglasses to protect your sensitive eyes from glare, sunrays, dusts and wind. The better you take care of your eyes, the earlier you can heal up and get rid of this sensitivity. Strong light will cause corneal scarring which might require the second surgery. So my suggestion is that you need to think about good protection of your eyes instead of treatment.

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