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Can eyeglasses cause blisters?

I recently purchased two new pairs of prescription eyeglasses that are in plastic frames. Forty-eight hours after I began wearing the first pair, the bridge of my nose became very red, and small, flat blisters appeared.What causes this, an allergy or some sort of chemical burn? The area itched yet felt like a burn and peeled after the cortisone treatment brought the blistering down.
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  • gerard


    It's absolutely normal, the rubbing of your glasses against your skin frequently is causing blisters. When i first got my glasses after not having them for ten years, I had horrible blisters because my glasses were too big and I would push them up all the time. But if that's not the case, and you're just getting blisters, then your skin will eventually get used to it and it will get tougher where your glasses sit, much like when a drummer first starts playing, they get blisters on their fingers, but over time, their skin toughens.
  • Cassidy bell


    This sounds like a case of contact dermatitis, probably related to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of the plastic. Some people are just sensitive to any of the many chemicals used; however, I am increasingly seeing bad reactions to manufactured goods, especially to those made overseas. Not every country has the same safeguards. Some of these chemicals are volatile and disappear after a short while. It's possible that washing the glasses in hot, soapy water could have been able to remove them. However, in your case, the reaction was so strong that I would avoid that brand in the future.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    I don't know how common it is but it isn't normal to suffer like that,I have worn glasses for 30 years and never had a blister caused by them. You need to get it checked by a doctor or the optician,the glasses are either adjusted incorrectly or you have an allergy to something in the frame.You do need to be careful to cleanse properly where they sit on your nose and moisturise if it gets dry but you shouldn't have to put up with blisters.